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Antoine Bissieux Perdigon Nymph Collection

Antoine Bissieux Perdigon Nymph Collection

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Orvis Endorsed Farmington River Guide Antoine Bissieux developed this collection of Perdigon nymphs over many hours on the water. Perdigons were originated by competition fishermen to use on difficult trout in fast water that would not eat bigger flies. Due to their tungsten beads and hydrodynamic construction, with slim/smooth UV resin coated bodies and no appendages other than sparse Coq De Leon tails, they sink like a rock, even in smaller sizes. In Spanish, the literal translation of Perdigon is "pellet", because that is how fast they sink. These flies are intended to be fished Euro style/tight-line, with a colored sighter, 2 flies, and a long piece of 6x (or lighter) fluorocarbon tippet to sink them quickly- no split shot is necessary. Thinner tippets maximize your sink rate. This series uses different body colors with a fluorescent red hot-spot collar to attract the trout. Top French & Spanish fishermen have tweaked these flies in recent years, fishing them over heavily pressured trout in clear water, and catching trout where most other anglers fail. The biggest advantage of Perdigons over other weighted flies is the ability to fish a pair of small nymphs, but still have them get down deep in fast water without the need for an oversized anchor fly.

This collection of Antoine's favorites includes a small fly box with dozen Pedigon flies from his French Cuisine collection in Camenbert (yellow / silver bead), Coq Au Vin (olive / silver bead) and Creme Brulee (black / gold bead). All of the flies come in with a size 16 Tiemco Jig hook and two sizes of bead which allows the angler to adjust depth when conditions change.


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