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Pat Torrey "Trico Hatch Tips" article & Dry Fly Skills Clinic (8/19/17)

Fishing the Trico hatch is a lot easier than many people think; just keep a few things in mind and you will do fine:1) When you cast, try to put as much slack into your leader as you can. A George Harvey style slack leader can help a great deal (they sell them at UpCountry, [...]

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Pat Torrey "Dy Flies Skills" Clinic, Saturday August 19th, 2017, 9am-1pm

This dry fly skills clinic is based upon the teaching of Pennsylvania legends George Harvey & Joe Humphreys. Pat considers Joe to be one of his personal fly fishing mentors. This approximately 4 hour class (along with some practice) will help put you on the way to being a first class dry fly fisherman. Some of [...]

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Pat Torrey- "Dry Flies: Drag-Free Drifts & the George Harvey Slack Leader"

To fish the dry fly effectively, I recommend you use a George Harvey Dry Fly Slack leader. This leader features a long thin butt section, a long tapered transitional section and a long tippet. When cast properly, this leader will not straighten completely at first but will land in a series of S-curves on the [...]

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Aaron Jasper "Nymphing Basics" Clinic, Sat July 15th, 2017, 9am-3pm

"Don't Skip the Basics"- Looking to get into nymphing but feel lost and overwhelmed by all the info out there? This class is for you beginners and intermediates out there who either don't know how to nymph, or have had frustrating & unsuccessful experiences with it. Aaron has taught countless people how to successfully [...]

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Thomas & Thomas Contact Euro Nymphing Rod Review by Torrey

2016 has in many ways been the Year of the Fly Rod, with some impressive technology creating some truly groundbreaking rods from many of the major rodmakers. Thomas & Thomas not only joins them, but one ups them all with their new "Contact" series of tight-line nymphing rods. As a veteran Euro Nympher with well [...]

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Douglas Outdoors Sky 11' #3 Euro Nymphing Rod Review by Torrey

From the first time I picked up a Douglas Sky 11' #3 rod and flexed it in the store, I was immediately impressed. Rods for European nymphing are by nature long & limber, and typically bounce a bit when you cast them. The Douglas Sky rod recovered much faster than anything I had tried before, [...]

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Actively Presenting the Winter/Summer Caddis by Pat Torrey

If you find yourself on the river with fish rising everywhere but you can’t fathom what they are feeding on, welcome to the Farmington.The culprit most likely a little black avenger dressed in dark colors and measuring slightly longer than a size 20 or 22 hook. I am referring, of course, to our famous (or infamous) Winter/Summer Caddis (dolophilodes [...]

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Blue Winged Olives and the Wet Fly

Pat Torrey is our resident Zen Master of nymph fishing. Here is a quick tip from his wisdom.Blue Winged Olives and the Wet FlyIf you are the type of angler who is looking for a different kind of fishing experience, UpCountry just might have the answer for you: fish the Baetis with little Blue Winged [...]

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