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Aaron Jasper "Advanced Nymphing" Clinic, Sat 5/20/17, 9am-3pm

"Advanced Nymphing: Catching Big Trout Does not Happen by Accident"

See the picture? That's your instructor, Aaron Jasper, with a 28" Farmington River brown trout he caught in the Catch & Release section some years back while Euro Nymphing here. 

So you have the basics of nymphing down, but you've heard how deadly Euro-style nymphing is and want to up your game, or maybe you have witnessed it firsthand while practitioners of the technique hammered fish and you struggled to catch trout Indicator nymphing. This clinic will not only teach you how to execute this deadly technique, but also the highly effective but underutilized Dry Dropper rig/technique of fishing a weighted nymph(s) under a buoyant dry fly. Aaron has taught many, many people how to successfully Euro nymph & fish Dry Dropper. He has put out 3 DVD's on nymphing, authored a book on trout fishing, written numerous fishing articles and has done many presentations at fishing clubs & fishing shows.

Topics covered will include the following:

-taking your fishing to the next level

-tactical approach to the stream

-European Style Nymphing, with a focus more on application and not just how to

-different sighter configurations

-reading water, "know the 10 percent" (or less!) where the fish are

-how to fish different water types, fast, shallow, deep, slow

-fly selection

-nuances, such as manipulating the drift with varying rod angles


"Dry Dropper: Not Just a Western Technique"

You will cover & learn the following:

-fly selection

-fishing the proper water with dry dropper

-suspending the fly or flies

-Tippet selection and fly sink rate

-adapting the set up for various scenarios

-choosing the proper dry fly to hold up the nymphs

-very stealthy technique, which is underutilized and can be killer when everyone else is Euro nymphing

There will be a short classroom session followed by on the water fishing. Clinic is $100, paid in advance, and non-refundable. It happens rain or shine, so please bring a raincoat, as well as a pen & paper to take detailed notes. It will run from 9am until approximately 3pm, with a half-hour lunch break. Call store at 860-379-1952 to book a spot. Bring all your tackle- fly rod(s), waders, flies, etc.

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