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"Advanced Modern Euro Nymphing Clinic" w/ Antoine Bissieux & DJ Clement, Sat 8/22/20, 9am-5pm- now FULL

Clinic is now FULL, we have 2nd one on 8/29

Please note: this is NOT an intro to Euro Nymphing, it's for intermediate level Euro anglers who already have are competent in the basics of the technique and are looking to move it to an advanced level. You will need to have your own Euro rod and assorted weighted & unweighted nymphs.

Local Guides, Antoine Bissiuex ("The French Flyfisherman") and DJ Clement, will be hosting an advanced nymphing class that includes a half day on the water, which follows a half day presentation where they will discuss the evolution of tight line nymphing, with a focus on the newest nymphing systems from France and Europe. On the water you will learn the applications of the new euro nymphing systems and how they achieve better presentations. Competitive fly fishing has bred some of the deadliest modern fly fishing techniques, flies, leaders & tackle, and the French Fly Fishing Team has become one of the best in the world (along with the Spanish, Czechs & Polish).

Euro Nymphing has rapidly evolved since it hit the USA scene in the 2000s. The under-the-tip-with-short-leader-and-drag-super-heavy-flies has been replaced by much longer/lighter leaders, lighter/slimmer flies, and newer fly designs like Perdigons. Rods have also gotten longer and lighter. And the technique has become far deadlier and more versatile, especially on highly pressured trout (can you say "Farmington River"?). It not only catches numbers of trout small to medium fish, but it also fools big, tough trout. Once mastered, you don't have to wait for a good hatch to catch a bunch of trout.

Antoine Bissieux was born in France, and he is friends with and in frequent contact with some top French competitive anglers, and other French Anglers who were former world champion anglers. The French are avid trout anglers, with a long tradition of trout fishing techniques passed down for generations. They fish over some of the toughest wild brown trout in the world in gin clear highly pressured spring fed streams (many of which are catch & kill, so the easy trout have been eliminated from the gene pool), and that creates great trout fishermen. Many would say that the French team is currently the best in the world of competitive fly fishing, and they have also learned from their highly skilled rivals in Spain, the Czech Repbulic, and Poland. Antione has taken what he has learned and incorporated it into his own system of French/Spanish style Euro nymphing, and it's very effective. He has also designed quite a few of his own nymphs for this style of fishing. Antoine Bissieux is an Orvis Endorsed guide with many years of experience guiding on the Farmington & Battenkill Rivers. DJ Clement is his protege, an avid and very skilled young fly fisherman who has done competitive fly fishing himself and gotten to fish alongside some of the top anglers in the country and even in the world. They've put together a great PowerPoint presentation that even incorporates some drone footage for a unique perspective on things. Later you will spend a good chunk of time on the water, putting theory into practice while getting advised & critiqued.

Sign up if you are interested in becoming a more effective angler, see what the French Flyfisherman and DJ are ready to show you. This class is not for beginners, it is for those anglers who are at least intermediate level Euro Nymphers (if you don't already know the basics of Euro Nymphing but want to learn it, we recommend booking a guide trip with Antoine/DJ or one of the other local guides who specialize in this). This advanced nymphing class will be on Saturday August 22nd, 2020, and runs 9am-5pm with a break for lunch. Cost is $125, class size is limited to 8P. Call UpCountry at 860-379-1952 to reserve a spot- full payment is required in advance, no refunds. Please bring all your appropriate equipment including a Euro rod, waders, and an assortment of nymphs (weighted & unweighted).

  -Clinic is now FULL, we have 2nd one on 8/29

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