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"FREE 1 Hour Crash Intro to Euro/Tight-Line Nymping with Torrey", 10am Sat 2/3/18

Euro/Tight-Line Nymphing continues to be the technique we get more inquiries on than any other. I (Torrey) have been using this as my go-to method for close to 15 years now, and I've learned a few tricks along the way, and made plenty of mistakes too (especially in the beginning!). While there is no substitute for time on the water, I'll do my best to shortcut your learning curve so you don't have to make all the mistakes I did. Thousands of hours on the water, reading a lot, watching videos, and fishing with people who were better than me taught me a lot about this technique, and it has evolved significantly since I started doing it. It's no longer dragging 3 heavily weighted nymphs under your rod tip on a short leader, it has progressed into a more subtle form of nymphing that uses long leaders, dead-drifts, a pair of flies (typically but not always), and you can now fish at greater distances. The strike detection with a tight-line drift is unbeatable. I'll cover proper rod choice, leaders/rigging, best water to use this technique in, choosing fly patterns & correct weight flies, how to make a typical drift (including proper leading), and strike detection. This will be a very free-form discussion where I encourage you to interrupt me with questions. No sign-up is required, just show up at the store at 10am with questions & a pen/notepad, as I'll give you a leader recipe for those of you who want to tie your own up (we also have pre-made Euro leaders for sale).

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