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Pat Torrey- "Dry Flies: Drag-Free Drifts & the George Harvey Slack Leader"

To fish the dry fly effectively, I recommend you use a George Harvey Dry Fly Slack leader. This leader features a long thin butt section, a long tapered transitional section and a long tippet. When cast properly, this leader will not straighten completely at first but will land in a series of S-curves on the water. The fly will not drag until the S-Curves are removed by the current.. When you are casting a smaller, less dense fly and the tippet straightens out too easily without landing in curves,  lengthen the tippet. When casting larger flies you can shorten the tippet somewhat and use a heavier tippet.

I know this sounds like a lot of work. Most people just jump in the water and start flailing away, but if you are willing to match the leader and cast together and know what the landed cast should look like, you will be way ahead of the game.You can purchase the Frog Hair George Harvey Slack Leader at UpCountry. If you tie your own leaders, the specifications are listed on the internet.

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