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Pat Torrey "Trico Hatch Tips" article & Dry Fly Skills Clinic (8/19/17)

Fishing the Trico hatch is a lot easier than many people think; just keep a few things in mind and you will do fine:

1) When you cast, try to put as much slack into your leader as you can. A George Harvey style slack leader can help a great deal (they sell them at UpCountry, or you can tie your own if you prefer- look online for formula).

2) Try to be as accurate as you can in presenting the fly because the trout won't move far at all to take such a small offering.

3) Take your time, don't rush. The flies are so small that the trout have to rise much more often to get a meal, so you're going to have plenty of chances.

4) Try to use a visible a fly pattern. I like Trico patterns tied with CDC wings because I think they show up better on the water, especially in low light.

5) Wade carefully and slowly, try not to spook the trout by sending waves over their heads; stealthy wading in flat/slow water will catch you more trout than a fancy fly rod.

6) Even using tiny flies, it is still not necessary to use a tippet lighter than 7x.

7) Please get to the stream early, because many mornings the hatch/spinner fall is usually well underway by 7am.

8) If you are having any difficulty with the normal upstream approach, don't be afraid to turn around and present your fly downstream or downstream & across to the trout. This may help with your accuracy, and frankly is normally much easier to do.

I hope this article helps you to be successful during the Trico hatch. Please also be aware I'm doing a Dry Fly Skills Clinic on August 19th, 2017 from 9am - 1pm. Call UpCountry at 860-379-1952 to sign up, cost is $100. Class is limited to a 6P max and is almost full as I write this. Learn how to up your dry fly game and catch more trout.

   -Pat Torrey

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