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Pat Torrey "Dy Flies Skills" Clinic, Saturday August 19th, 2017, 9am-1pm

This dry fly skills clinic is based upon the teaching of Pennsylvania legends George Harvey & Joe Humphreys. Pat considers Joe to be one of his personal fly fishing mentors. This approximately 4 hour class (along with some practice) will help put you on the way to being a first class dry fly fisherman. 

Some of the skills that will be taught include:
   1. The basic cast and line manipulations that when coupled with a Harvey slack leader will produce a drag-free drift.
   2. Manipulations that will augment and prolong the length of the drift.
   3. Aerial and water mending including right and left hand curves.
   4. Casting under trees, limbs and other obstructions.
   5. Upstream and downstream presentations.

Once you master making an accurate drag-free drift, your success will increase dramatically. If there is a "secret" to successful dry fly fishing, the drag-free float is it. Pat will also cover special dry fly slack leaders that will make it much easier to get a drag-free presentation. Class is $100 with a 6P max, paid in advance, and non-refundable. This is a rain-or-shine event, so please bring a raincoat. A pad & pen to take notes is also advisable. Clinic will be partly on the water, so bring your rod/reel, waders, dry flies, etc. Call store at 860-379-1952 to book a spot.

Aaron Jasper "Nymphing Basics" Clinic, Sat September 16, 2017, 9am-3pm

"Don't Skip the Basics"- Looking to get into nymphing but feel lost and overwhelmed by all the info out there? This class is for you beginners and intermediates out there who either don't know how to nymph, or have had frustrating & unsuccessful experiences with it. Aaron has taught countless people how to successfully [...]

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Pat Torrey- "Dry Flies: Drag-Free Drifts & the George Harvey Slack Leader"

To fish the dry fly effectively, I recommend you use a George Harvey Dry Fly Slack leader. This leader features a long thin butt section, a long tapered transitional section and a long tippet. When cast properly, this leader will not straighten completely at first but will land in a series of S-curves on the [...]

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"Intro to Fly Fishing" with Mark Swenson, 2 more separate class dates: Sat 6/3/17, or Sat 6/24/17

Rapidly advance your learning curve to quickly understand and apply the essential elements necessary to catch trout on a fly rod. The overview of this course will cover casting, rigging, understanding hatches and the related flies that should be in your fly box. Bring your own equipment, or we can make arrangements to rent whatever [...]

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