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"Tying Guide Flies" with Rich Strolis- Sunday 1/22/17 at 9am- CLASS IS FULL


This class will revolve around tying a variety of relatively simple flies that can be fished everyday regardless of the conditions, and that are proven fish catchers day in and day out. If you like catching fish then this is the class for you as it will go over a series of relatively easy patterns that you can tie quickly and will not feel too bad if you lose one in the bushes or on a fish. A variety of patterns and styles for freshwater will be covered, plus a deadly all-purpose streamer that can be tied & fished in fresh or saltwater. Students should expect beginner to moderate techniques in the construction of all patterns included. We will go over all the flies together step by step in a classroom setting and all materials will be supplied including hooks. Please bring your own vise and tools including a hair stacker, scissors, dubbing whirl, bobbin and whip finish tool as well as their own compliment of threads in a variety of colors. The class will consist of patterns that Rich has  found himself turning to time and time again. Bring an open mind and all the questions you might have; we will go over hook choices, material substitutes and most importantly how to fish these patterns effectively. Tuition is $85 for a 4-5 hour class. 8 person max, notebooks are both welcome & suggested. Call store at 860-379-1952 to sign up, payment is due in advance and is non-refundable. CLASS IS NOW FULL.

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