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Tying "Junk Flies" & Winter Nymphs with Torrey, Saturday 1/20/17, 9am-1pm

Sometimes fly fishing ain't pretty, and there are hatchless winter days where piercing trout lips requires some "flies" that push the boundaries of what patterns still qualify as a fly. For those of you not afraid to buck tradition and venture beyond the pale, I (Torrey) will show you some nymph patterns that are down & dirty, but get the job done when standard flies don't. I've been tying flies for 35 years, and I've fished for trout all over the the country in all 4 seasons. Along the way I've picked up some effective flies and learned some fly tying hacks. I'll show you Mops, Squirmy Worms, special Eggs, and some Attractor & Imitative nymphs (including a Perdigon) that get the job done with winter trout when other patterns fail. Cold water conditions can require flies that range from drab imitators to gaudy attractors, and everything in between. The focus will be on weighted patterns that can be used for tight-line/Euro presentations, but they can also be used and/or modified to fish under a strike indicator. Learn how to use flash, hot-spots, fluorescence, UV & movement to trigger the bite from lethargic fish. I'll show you some Jig Hook anchor flies that will hang up less, get your flies deep, and catch you some trout too. Class will last 4 hours and cover at least 6 patterns (more if time permits), cost is $75, paid in advance, and non-refundable, class size is limited to 6 people. Bring your vice, tools & assorted thread, hooks & materials will be provided. Please have at least intermediate tying skills (ability to whip finish, basic thread handling, dubbing, etc.), this is not a beginner class. Call UpCountry at 860-379-1952 to sign up.

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