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"Tying Wet Flies & Soft-Hackles with Pat Torrey", Sat 2/10/18, 9am-3pm

Learn to tie the most versatile flies in the fly fisherman's arsenal, i.e. the wet flys & soft hackles. Fished the on the top as a dry fly, on the bottom as a nymph, or anywhere in between, the wet fly can do it all! As a category of flies, one could argue that they are the most versatile of all. Pat will show how to tie these marvelous patterns along with suggestions on how, when, and where to fish them. Wet Flies/Soft-Hackles are some of the oldest flies in existence, and they are experiencing a resurgence of interest in them recently as anglers learn both how fun & effective they are. 

Pat Torrey is one of the longest running Farmington River guides- he's been flyfishing a long time, and he knows trout & what catches them. He has developed a style influenced by the methods of the great PA angler Joe Humphries and the tutelage of his mentor, Ross Marigold, the late legendary guide on Montana’s Madison River (inventor of the Serendipity fly). Pat is a retired school teacher, so he is an effective educator who knows how to impart knowledge to his students. 

Class is limited to a max of 8 people, cost is $80, paid in advance, nonrefundable. Bring your vise & basic tools as well as some basic color assorted threads (black/brown/olive/tan/etc.), Pat will provide the other tying materials & hooks. Please have at least intermediate tying skills (be able to have thread control, whip finish, dub, etc.), as this is not a beginner class.

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