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Pat Torrey
(860) 675-6161

Pat Torrey guides exclusively on his home waters, the Farmington River where he has developed a reputation for his ability to teach both beginners and seasoned anglers who want to master the sport. He has has been fly fishing over 40 years and has developed a style influenced by the methods of the great Joe Humphries and the tutelage of his mentor, Ross Marigold, the late legendary guide on Montana’s Madison River.

Pat believes that great fly-casting can be broken down into readily identified series of motions that can be easily replicated and mastered. These skills are transferable across all disciplines of fly-fishing including dry flies, wet flies, streamers and nymphs. A day with Pat begins by learning how develop a fishing strategy based on conditions and ends with improved technique and an ability to read water and the insects that inhabit the river. Contact Pat at (860) 675-6161

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