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Sage One 690-4, 9ft 6wt, 4pc, NEW, clearance

Sage One 690-4, 9ft 6wt, 4pc, NEW, clearance

RRP: $850.00 (You save $375.00)
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The ONE™ Rod with Konnetic™ technology is a new generation of fly rod. We've pushed the boundaries of design to develop a rod with exceptional tracking and torsional stability, resulting in unparalleled casting accuracy.

It starts with liveliness

When you first pick up the ONE rod, you will be amazed at how light and energetic it feels. But it’s not until you cast it that the most important factor is realized: accuracy.

Technology is a beautiful thing

Thanks to Konnetic™ technology’s efficient transfer of energy throughout the blank (a result of increased torsional stability), accuracy is greatly enhanced.

Feel the cast

You can actually feel what is happening to the line as you cast, allowing you to make small corrections that mean the difference between “Fish on!” and a missed opportunity.

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