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sage-small.jpgIt all began almost 30 years ago on a little island nestled in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains...Founded in 1980 by legendary rod designer Don Green, Sage was created with one idea in mind - to build the world's finest performance fly rods. Using world-class materials and years of experience gained while working with Fenwick and Grizzly rod companies, Don revolutionized the fly fishing world.

Two important threads run through the Sage story: The first is the importance of fly rod design, the second is the importance of specialty flyshops.  As for fly rod design, years of fly fishing experience had taught Don that fly rods should never run out of "power." While there might be fishing scenarios where the full power and flex of a fly rod were not utilized by the angler, the best designs were those that always held power in reserve. When Sage began, Bruce Kirschner (formerly of K2 Skis) joined Don as a partner in the company. Together they set out to create a dealer network of specialty stores where anglers could always receive solid, professional help, advice and assistance. The philosophy was simple: specialty products for specialty retailers.


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