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Small Tippet Rings - Anglers Image

Small Tippet Rings - Anglers Image

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Extend the life of your leader! Anglers Image® Tippet Rings are a fast and easy system for changing the size of your tippet. Unlike a blood knot or double surgeon’s knot, the use of a Tippet Ring allows a fly angler to connect a tippet that is significantly different in diameter than the end of the leader. For example, it’s difficult to connect a 3X leader to a 7X tippet with a knot. But with the use of a Tippet Ring, it's quick and easy! Therefore, you can quickly change tippet diameters without the need to drastically rebuild or restructure your leader. 10-Pack. Made in Germany.

  • Black Nickel Color
  • 10 Per Pack
  • 5/64 (2mm)


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