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T&T Avantt 904-4, 9' 4wt, 4 piece

T&T Avantt 904-4, 9' 4wt, 4 piece

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Thomas & Thomas's Avantt series of trout rods is unique in that it is fast action yet casts true weighted lines such as the SciAnglers and Rio Trout Lines with ease. The Avantt refreshingly does not need to be overlined to perform properly and feels incredibly ight in the hand, making for an effortless and enjoyable cast. The 9ft 4wt is in stock at our store; it is not currently listed on Thomas & Thomas's own website, but was developed at the request of our shop and is one of the finest 4wts ever produced - Grady

T&T’s proprietary StratoTherm Resin has such incredible strength and vibration dampening characteristics that it forced us to approach freshwater fly rod design in a new way. The result is the remarkably light and responsive Avantt Series. With ultra-low swing weight and lightning-fast recovery, these rods come alive in the hand.
At close range, the Avantt rods provide precise command of the fly with a delicate touch. Longer casts reveal surprising power and line speed with tight loops and excellent line control.

Details: Four piece multi-modulus graphite blank incorporating Thomas & Thomas’ latest proprietary composites and curing process. Low Friction Finish (LFF) in stealth matte 'T&T Blue', titanium-frame ceramic stripping guides and Snake brand ECOating guides. All rods feature anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat, blue wraps with white accents, and grips of select Flor-grade cork.

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