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Pat Torrey is our resident Zen Master of nymph fishing. Here is a quick tip from his wisdom.

Blue Winged Olives and the Wet Fly

If you are the type of angler who is looking for a different kind of fall fishing experience, we at UpCountry just might have the answer for you: fish the fall Baetis with little Blue Winged Olive wets.

Almost every afternoon from mid October until the first week of December  the Farmington River has a very consistent hatch of small Baetis mayflies, size 26-28. The extended time frame of the hatch allows the fish to get pretty familiar with this food source. Most anglers fish this hatch with standard dry fly and emerger patterns, which become less and less effective as time goes on.

As an alternative: try fishing the Baetis hatch below the surface with soft hackled wet fly imitations that are seldom used. To paraphrase the late Gary LaFontaine: if you want to catch more fish, fish when other fishermen donít; fish where other fishermen donít, and fish how other fishermen donít.

Blue Wing Olive Wet
Tiemco 100 or 2487

Olive brown fur or olive thread

Blue dun wet hackle or brown zelon

Gold wire (optional)

Blue dun wet hackle

A selection of Patís wet fly patterns are available at UpCountry.


You'll find Don Butler working behind the counter much of the time, but he also guides, ties flies, teaches classes and holds a record
83 months in a row
catching a trout on a dry fly on the Farmington River.

Used & Clearance Fly Rods, Fly Reels
& Store Specials

We buy and sell used fishing equipment for cash or trade. Items on this page don't last long so be sure to contact the shop as quick as possible via email or phone if you are interested in an item. We ship anywhere in the continental U.S. and accept payment via Credit Card and Paypal.

Store Specials - toward the bottom of the page you will find various sale items, closeouts and one of a kind items. Items are limited in quantity, and are sold on a first come, first served basis. Most of these items will not be promoted in the store so please ask about them when you come in or call and we will ship them to your home.    


Used Rods and Reels

Used Price
Greys, GS, 8'6", 5wt, 4 piece, excellent condition$70
Temple Fork Finesse, 7'9", 3 wt, 4 piece, good condition$100
Redington Tempt, 7'6", 3 wt, 4 piece, excellent condition$100
Abel Creek 1, for 3 to 4wt lines,  with spare spool, excellent condition$300
Sage Click 2, for 1 to 3wt lines,  good condition$175
Sage ZXL, 7'6", 3 wt, 4 piece, excellent condition$300
Sage DS2, 8'6", 3 wt, 2 piece, good condition$120
Orvis Access, 8'6", 5wt, 4 piece, Mid Flex, good condition$200
Orvis Hydros, 8'6", 5wt, 4 piece, Mid Flex 6.5, excellent condition$275
Orvis Zero Gravity Helios Ion, 7'6", 3wt. 4 piece, Mid Flex 7.5, great condition$300
St.Croix Imperial, 6'6", 3wt, 2 piece, great condition$120
Orvis Trident, 9', 6wt, 2 piece, good condition$140
TFO Signature Series, 9', 6wt, 2 piece, great condition$60
Powell LGA, 9', 5wt, 4 piece, excellent condition$160
Orvis Trident TL, 9', 8 wt, Tip Flex 10.0, 2 piece, good condition$120
Orvis Silver Label TL , 9', 10 weight, 4 piece, Tip Flex 9.5, great condition$120
Sage VXP, 9', 8 weight, 4 piece, like new, store demo$325
TFO TiCRx, 9ft, 10wt. 4 piece, good condition$130
Orvis Trident TLS Mid Flex 7.0, 9ft, 8wt. 2 piece, excellent condition$160
Sage XI3,  9', 12wt. 4 piece, good condition, no tube$350
Orvis Trident TLS, 9', 8 wt, Tip Flex 10.0, 2 piece, great condition$140
St. Croix Avid,  9', 4wt. 4 piece, like new condition$180
Echo Carbon,  9', 6wt. 4 piece, good condition$110
Orvis HLS,  9ft, 6wt. 4piece, excellent condition$160
Orvis Western, 8' 6" 2wt. 2 piece,  good condition$150
Orvis Mitey Mite fly/spin, 5ft, 1 3/4 oz., 2 piece, HEG 5, 1 Tip, Serial # 72802, excellent condition$550

Sale and Clearance

Lamson Waterworks Force 3X SL w/ #3 extra spool, for 5 to 7wt. lines, new, clearance$400
Hardy Marksman, 6ft, 2wt, 3 piece, new, clearance, was $400$200
Winston GVX Select, 9' 8wt. 4 piece, new, clearance, was $565$395
Redington Link, 9' 6wt. 4 piece, new, clearance$200
Redington Link, 9' 10wt. 4 piece, new, clearance$210
Sage VXP 486-4, 8'6", 4 weight, 4 piece, new, clearance, was $485$340
Sage VXP 379-4, 7'9", 3 weight, 4 piece, new, clearance, was $485$340
Greys GR50, 9ft, 6 weight, 4 piece, new, clearance, was $179.99$126
Greys GR50, 7ft, 3 weight, 4 piece, new, clearance, was $169.99$119
Greys GR50, 6ft, 3 weight, 4 piece, new, clearance, was $169.99$119
Greys GR30, 9ft, 6 weight, 4 piece, new, clearance, was $129.99$91
Greys GR30, 7ft6inch, 3 weight, 4 piece, new, clearance, was $119.99$84
Greys XF2 Salt, 9ft, 9 weight, 4 piece, new, clearance, was $299.99$175
Greys Streamflex XF2, 9ft, 2 weight, 4 piece, new, clearance, was $289$202
Temple Fork Outfitters Clouser,  8' 9"  8 weight. 4 piece, new clearance, was $249.99$140


Clearance Items

Sale Price
Chota Caney Fork WW700 Wading Boots, Size 9, new, clearance, was $164.99$100
Korkers Redside Wading Boots, Sizes 8,9,10, new, clearance, was $109.99$60
Simms Guide Felt Sole Wading Boots, Sizes 9, new, clearance, was $199.99$125

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